Home Plus Package



Standard Agreements

  • I have obtained permission from the building owner to allow Premier Broadband to install a broadband antenna.
  • I understand that I must pay by Direct Debit for the service. For monthly subscriptions we only accept Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card. Cheques, drafts and cash may be paid for the Installation Fee Only.
  • When paying via direct debit I understand my first months payment will be debited up to 21 days after the direct debit is received. Your regular payments will be debited monthly. Unpaid direct debits incur a fee of €7.95 and debits may occur up to 3 days earlier than your regular payment date due to holidays and weekends.
  • I understand that there is an installation fee of €100 and wireless router fee of €50, both incl Vat
  • I understand that if I sign up on behalf of a company business monthly charges will be applied to my account